Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sometimes I do not see it coming. Standing on top of the world, I am busy with my head in the clouds and my heart in your hands. It rushes over me, through me, inside of me. It turns me inside out, forcing me to wear my damage on the outside.

Only you can see them, those secret places where the tissue is worn thin, stretched over too many heartaches. Only you can touch them, tracing the roadmaps of yesterdays. Your fingers slip over the empty places, the torn and ragged holes left by forgotten pieces of me. Only you can heal them, your love building bridges over sunken hopes and rotten dreams.

Sometimes I forget where you end and I begin. Until I can see your bandaids on my tattered soul. And then, I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

I Have to say that I am so happy :D

I check your blog often to see if you have posted anything new, because I love reading It . and Today I clicked on my bookmark to find 3 new posts ! you made morning coffee so much better !

Please don't ever stop

Thank You :)

Double Agent Girl said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you SO much for that comment!! As long as I have something to throw out to the world, I will continue writing. Knowing that someone else gets something from it, inspires me.


Anonymous said...

The words you write are truly full of your inspiration

Anonymous said...

you are welcome :)
you seem at times to wright what I have felt . A familiar scene painted in my mind as I read your words :) you are the inspiration to more then you know, I'm sure!

Thank you for Sharing :)