Monday, June 22, 2009

Dusting off the Pentax

I went out to the Pioneer Village this weekend with my family. I brought my camera, and revived an old passion that has lain dormant over the last six months. Here's a few of the days accomplishments. Whatever you think, it was rewarding to find in myself something that defines a part of who I am. Moving from the shadows back into the light. One baby step at a time...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tough Breaks

I've been trying to get across the horrific nature of Thing Two's accident, however I continue to get incredulity and misunderstanding from my fellow folks.


I decided to post these x-rays. The surgeon in Niagara Falls gave us her information on CD, and Aftermath played around with it until he was able to extract these images. These are the ACTUAL X-RAYS of my daughter's left arm, taken before surgery on Sat., June 6th 2009.

**** WARNING - Not really for the squeamish ****

Just in case you didn't notice the warning above, I'll start off with manageable images.

My Friend Jenny

Everyone has one. One friend who you can count on in a pinch, who can make you laugh when life isn't funny, who you never tire of, never see enough. One person who you can travel with, share a double bed with, laugh until you're sick with. The person who you'd give the shirt off your back to, who's already given you hers, who acts like a surrogate mother to your kids and makes the two hour trek to see you anytime she can. The one who calls you when she's in pain, cries with you, laughs with you, and one that you'd drop anything to be by her side at a time of crisis.

That's my Jenny (aka Tink).

I met Jenny one day in college. We happened to sit side by side in a huge auditorium on the first day of orientation. We sat next to each other, giggling at the outdated hairstyles and clothing of the school officials, making note of the extraordinary people sitting around us in a failed attempt to feel comfortable in the midst of a new experience in life. We only shared a couple of classes together, but we'd sit there in psych class, whispering, laughing and attacking each other with toe socks. Alright, maybe that was just me. My Jenny hates feet. Which makes it THAT much more inviting.

We'd meet at the doors and chat, Jenny shredding her sweater and me juggling my backpack, anxious to get to the daycare and get (then 1 and 2) Thing One and Thing Two. She'd come by my place, listen to music, laugh at my children and bond. We became inseperable - doing everything together and loathing when we had to be apart. When my 25h birthday rolled around she planned a surprise birthday party with my boyfriend and another friend Sarah, taking the greatest pains to keep it secret and surprise the pants of me. She succeeded. We've gone to countless concerts, trips to Ottawa and on her 25th birthday: New York City. On her birthday the previous year we got tattoos on our feet - hers a dragonfly, mine ladybugs. It was my gift to her. I appreciate Jen, I've always appreciated her and loved her like a sister. But this past week has shown me not only her deep commitment to our friendship, but her love for my children.

I was with Jenny when we got the phone call for Thing Two's accident a week ago, and she rushed me to the hospital. She immediately took over care of Thing One until my mother could come and collect him, and then she stood by my side, followed us in the ambulance and set up camp for the difficult night while Tay was in surgery. She left the hospital in the wee hours of the morning, just to return at nine am, on a Sunday morning with coffee and a bouquet of flowers. She drove myself and my grandparents back to London that evening for Monday mornings graduation - and she cancelled her shifts at work to help me care for wee Taylor. She operated like a second mom, helping her to the bathroom, assisting me in getting her medication, changing her clothes, sponge baths. When I ran out of money she gave me her last 60 dollars to buy groceries and activities for Tay while she was on bedrest. She stayed an extra day just to accompany me to the surgeon, so that she could help us out with the transportation and to learn about Taylor's progress. She gave of herself SO willingly, I feel I need to honour her in some way.

Thank-you Jenny, dear friend, confidant, travel companion and co-mom for all that you have done. I know you told me not to thank you anymore - that your love for my family drove you to do it, not thinking of yourself, but them - and me. You are a rare jewel, and I appreciate you everyday. Without you, my heart would crumple. I love you, my sister.

Oh, and by the way Jen - Enter to win Ben Stein's food stamps! Who the f*ck IS Ben Stein? And why are his eyes so dry anyway??


Monday, June 15, 2009

Touche Pussycat

Kid with Broken Arm: Mom, can I play on the computer?

Overworked Mom: Yes KWBA, here you go.

KWBA: Thanks. Can I have that game?

OWM: Coming up.. hang on.

KWBA: Can I have a drink too?

OWM: Yes, lemme just ...

KWBA: Can you help me move this over here? And pass me that? Oh, and ...

OWM: Just a sec Tay! I only have two hands!!

... Complete silence while KWBA contemplates ...

KWBA: Well ... I only have one.

Touche pussycat. Touche.

The Little Things ...

Yesterday was the first day that Thing Two was able to spend "outside". Of course, that is limited at this point, and really just refers to outside of our apartment. We went out to see the movie UP, (omg - bawled my eyes out. WTF Disney?!?!) and then headed over to a friend's house while the boys went for a bike ride.

It's difficult to try to find things that she CAN do - for instance she is jealous that she can't ride her bike with the boys, but I thought at least getting her some outside time would be beneficial. Heather is a wonderful friend and her and her fabulous husband put together a little get well gift bag for Taylor. They included movies, crafts (that she could do one handed), paper, stampers and a shirt that had button straps so that she could fit it on over her cast. I cannot tell you how sweet this was. I don't think I've ever appreciated my friends more than right now - when I see how unselfishly they give of themselves in the face of a small crisis. I owe them many first borns ...

Anyway, Heather had a plan for Tay, and we spent the afternoon in the backyard putting flowers in a planter intended for our balcony. Poor Taylor wasn't able to get her hands dirty, so Heather spread out the soil and encouraged her to stomp in it with her feet. Watching my baby enjoying the feel of cool dirt between her toes reminded me that there are still some pleasures she can enjoy. Heather buried and uncovered her feet over and over, made dirt balls she could throw with one hand and giggled in the afternoon sun. Once Tay's feet were inky black, Heather suggested her special foot spa to clean up those piggies.

It is amazing how little things can be so much fun. Squishing your toes in the earth, laughing in the sunshine, walking through the grass - and blowing huge bubbles that come from the depths of a foot spa! Heather added a dollop of body wash which turned out to spawn wall after growing wall of excellent bubbles and foam! Taylor, Heather, Ally and I blew bubbles in each other's faces, on our hair, on Ally. We threw them at Kyle while he took pictures of the fiasco - all the while laughing and laughing until our sides hurt.

Taylor forgot all about her limitations yesterday afternoon, and for that I am grateful. Someday, in someway, I'll be able to repay Heather with the joy she paid to my daughter at a time when she needed it. For now - I just want to say thank-you to the T-R family. We love you so much.

My father has been inspired to begin his own blog adventure - and so if you have the chance, please hop over to his page and check it out! He could use some beginners support. His account of the worst day of my life as a mother is touching.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Nurse DAG is running on fumes these days. Taylor is doing so-so, she had a really rough night last night, waking at 130am and 4am crying for some pain relief. I'm still sleeping on the floor next to her bed in order to assist her in the night. This morning didn't fare much better, the advil seemed to not be touching the pain and I actually prepped her with some Gravol so that if it came to it, she could have some Tylenol with codeine. It makes her stomach so nauseous, we're doing what we can to avoid vomiting up important medications. She is still on a high dose of antibiotics to combat infection (from the grass and dirt the surgeon found inside her arm). So far no fever, and with exception to last night and this morning, she has been in pretty good spirits. Considering she is on strict bedrest and cannot leave the house or walk around, she's been a trooper.

I've officially been off work for the full week, which is problematic. With Taylor's condition as such, I obviously cannot work either of my jobs. It's going to be tough going come rent time. I don't know yet when I can return to work, tomorrow we see the new pediatric surgeon, so I may have a better idea of when she can return to normal activities. To be honest, I'm hoping she has another fews days because I can't imagine her (in her present condition) attending a full day of school and daycare. She seems so fragile still. One step at a time.

Thankyou for your comments and concern, I appreciate each and every one of them.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Refitting the Pieces

Taylor has come home! We are very happy that she is back home from the hospital and in our care. According to the orthopedic surgeon, she is very fragile and must remain on bed rest until Friday when we can see our new pediatric surgeon here in our town. She came home Monday night, after I walked across the stage and was officially convocated. While my family lunched and toasted my graduation I stood outside on my cell phone arranging for a new surgeon so that Taylor could be released from Niagara Falls. She had a rough night on Monday due to extreme nausea from the codeine, and another rough morning on Tuesday. We've since switched her to children's advil, which seems to keep her pain in check and her small tummy happy.

She is resting comfortably in the living room (where we have moved her bed) and although I'm sleeping on the floor next to her in case she needs me in the night, it's a small exchange for getting her home. We see the doctor on Friday, at which time I'll have more information on when the pin will be removed from her elbow and when we'll be getting a more stable cast. Little miracles.

I just want to say a BIG thank-you to all of you who unselfishly came running in her time on need, including Dad, Aftermath, Tink and Heather. You've all given us immeasurable help and support at a difficult time.

Until I know more ....


Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Taylor lies broken...

This weekend Thing Two had a terrible accident while she was visiting Daddy for the weekend. While no one was watching, she stood up on a swingset and fell, dislocating her elbow and fracturing her arm.

This is not a little thing. She had an open fracture, where the bone broke through the skin and then back in, taking with it grass and dirt from the backyard. I met them at the hospital right away, where I watched, in awe, my tiny little peanut be the bravest little girl I've ever seen. Despite horrific pain, she allowed the doctors and nurses to do what was necessary, recieved her first IV WITHOUT MAKING A SOUND, had her first ambulance ride to another hospital and had her first surgery.

Currently, they've backed her off the morphine and demerol and she is resting uncomfortably on tylenol with codeine. She has a pin that goes from the outside of her elbow through to connect her broken bones, and two incision sites necessary to clean the wound of grass and dirt and the other to set the bones. She also has a laceration that has been sutured from where the bone exited her arm.

Tomorrow is graduation day. I am supposed to proudly walk across a stage and recieve my award for the last four years of hard work. I returned to London reluctantly, at the urging of my family and left my Taylor in Niagara Falls hospital with her papa. I know she is well taken care of, but it feels wrong to be away from my peanut when life hurts. According to the surgeon, she should come home tomorrow. It cannot come soon enough.

Thinking of you Taylor Boo.