Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tough Breaks

I've been trying to get across the horrific nature of Thing Two's accident, however I continue to get incredulity and misunderstanding from my fellow folks.


I decided to post these x-rays. The surgeon in Niagara Falls gave us her information on CD, and Aftermath played around with it until he was able to extract these images. These are the ACTUAL X-RAYS of my daughter's left arm, taken before surgery on Sat., June 6th 2009.

**** WARNING - Not really for the squeamish ****

Just in case you didn't notice the warning above, I'll start off with manageable images.


Jay H. said...

Trust me, I can empathize. Ex had a nasty spill that shattered her humerus and left it a jigsaw puzzle. More than 10 pieces. Does your wee one have an external fixator, or is she too small?

I know just how you feel looking in at that and feeling so helpless. She's young and will bounce back like a rubber ball ;-)

Swistle said...

Oh, poor poor girl! She looks so stoic about it!