Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Taylor lies broken...

This weekend Thing Two had a terrible accident while she was visiting Daddy for the weekend. While no one was watching, she stood up on a swingset and fell, dislocating her elbow and fracturing her arm.

This is not a little thing. She had an open fracture, where the bone broke through the skin and then back in, taking with it grass and dirt from the backyard. I met them at the hospital right away, where I watched, in awe, my tiny little peanut be the bravest little girl I've ever seen. Despite horrific pain, she allowed the doctors and nurses to do what was necessary, recieved her first IV WITHOUT MAKING A SOUND, had her first ambulance ride to another hospital and had her first surgery.

Currently, they've backed her off the morphine and demerol and she is resting uncomfortably on tylenol with codeine. She has a pin that goes from the outside of her elbow through to connect her broken bones, and two incision sites necessary to clean the wound of grass and dirt and the other to set the bones. She also has a laceration that has been sutured from where the bone exited her arm.

Tomorrow is graduation day. I am supposed to proudly walk across a stage and recieve my award for the last four years of hard work. I returned to London reluctantly, at the urging of my family and left my Taylor in Niagara Falls hospital with her papa. I know she is well taken care of, but it feels wrong to be away from my peanut when life hurts. According to the surgeon, she should come home tomorrow. It cannot come soon enough.

Thinking of you Taylor Boo.



Anonymous said...

Oh how awful. Thinking of you both!

Jessica said...

OH MY! It's so hard when our little children (or even our big children) get hurt! I'm thinking of both of you and wishing your Taylor a speedy recovery and congrats on the graduation!

Anonymous said...

You reacted so well, better than I would have. I'm so glad the baby is doing better. Congrats on the walk.

Chibi said...

Poor girl! And poor girl's mama! I'm glad she's doing okay. Congrats on graduation -- know that Taylor is proud of you. :)