Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ink on the Page

I feel like I'm lost somewhere, floating in the middle of the vastness. My feet kick at the black depths beneath me and my arms ache from treading. Moments ago I could see you, waving to me from the concrete land, a speck in my periphery that kept me grounded. Now the dusk blots you out, and offers me nothing in the way of a lighthouse.

I know I am encased in my own waters - that you did not cast me out alone, but then it does not change the loneliness that washes over me. The waves just keep coming, breaking over my shoulders and threatening to choke out my security. There is no bottom and no top, just disorienting darkness and salty traces.

Forgive me - but it is filling my lungs and drowning me - I just need to get it out.

Ink on the page.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes wish I spoke "agent-speak". Never sure whether you are being literal or figurative in some of what you say. Well written once again....but I hope the part about waves of loneliness was purely metaphorical!!! Was some of the post really talking about writer's block???