Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello all.. and welcome back to the original blogger site.

Please - excuse the look of things around here. I've just reopened it and it needs A LOT of design tweaking! I'm working on making it look much nicer and more like home.

As many of you know - I have resigned my old blog ( for reasons unknown. I don't wish to kick sand in the sandbox, and so I prefer to walk away from a bad situation with feelings hurt but dignity intact. This is where I'll do the majority of my writing from now on.

As for my photography, I will continue to post here, most likely once a week, some new things I'm working on. I have set up photoblog here where my submissions appear as a whole. I hope to continue sharing my experience on this strange and wonderful sphere - and I hope you continue to read and enjoy those experiences.

I also contribute to GNMParents regularly, and am honored to accept a new offer of a weekly column. Also, I continue to write my introspective and dark meanderings of the inner agent here. I hope you will enjoy them.

I look forward to reading your comments and blogs once more - a new year is upon us. Here's to forging real friendships and appreciating those you have!




catnip said...

I'm sorry you felt the need to close the other site, but I'm just glad you're still writing.

Pops said...

Welcome back to the Internet World. Guess we both pissed off tm at the same time - oh well, don't think I'm missing anything there.

For some reason I did not realize that Between the... and Life Between (Wordpress) were both yours - maybe I knew it but forgot - I'm entitled.

Anyway welcome back - will check out your art (pictures) when I can see better.

Violet the Verbose said...

Happy New Year! I'm happy to see you back!