Friday, February 20, 2009

Devil's Advocate

Good morning and happy Friday! Today I am playing devil's advocate over at GNMParents. I am throwing my hat in the ring concerning the debate over the Suleman Octuplets. Join me!

Next, a little housecleaning. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been selected to interview with a University for a place in Teacher's College. I have to tell you all that I had that interview on Tuesday afternoon and it went exceptionally well. I was lucky enough to be able to answer their four prepared questions concisely and avoided the dreaded "Um..." and "Ah...". Thank you to all who kept me in their thoughts during this nerve wracking hour!

The flu is taking a small break in the house, I've recovered as has the Aftermath. I am praying that it goes dormant and dies and does not spread to the children. Lord knows I don't have the time for two more unknowing pukers. It's going around - wash wash wash your hands!!!! I'm rounding out the end of my spring break at University, and although I spent it all sick or caring for the sick, it's about time to get back. Nevermind the pile of work I didn't get done. It's really nothing new!

Last, I have a new photoshoot this weekend! I'm excited to try my hand at photographing a baby around four months old. It's a new challenge and I'll let you know how that goes!

Enjoy the weekend!


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