Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Me, Myself and Laundry

For the last two months I have been sidestepping a hallway landmine.

Between final papers, catchup reading and general life in the agent's scope, I've been seriously neglecting my inner laundress. Every week I set aside just enough clothing to get us through that week, ignoring the ever growing, sock devouring double laundry bin hiding in the back hall. Until today.

Armed with two rolls of loonies and a new bottle of Gain - I planned to sneak attack the cotton blob plotting to take over the world. Fueled singly by my tiny little family. I must tell you that laundry sucks my will to live. Costing four dollars a load, and taking over two hours to complete one - I avoid laundry purgatory like the bubonic plague. However, seeing that my children are rotating the same outfits and sporting mismatched socks - I felt it was time to stop risking their social development and sort the pile of doom.

It is AMAZING what you can find in a pile of laundry. I am baffled by the ten or more pairs of pants sized four and under (since my kids have almost exited 6X), with holes in the knees and chapstick in the pockets. How long have they BEEN there? Are they breeding? In my initial sort alone I ditched two BAGS of clothing based on size. And then there were the socks. THE SOCKS. A whole load of socks alone!! *shudder*

I've got two loads washing, and another four staring me in the face. I'm convinced that my children own more clothing than myself and the Aftermath combined! I'm confused as to why my son and I argue everyday over the same plaid shirt! He only has 500!!!

Someone save me from the laundry life. Please. Or at least toss me a roll of loonies. It's gonna be a long day.

**I still feel somewhat wrong for posting on the mundane details of life after the devastating loss of little Maddie. Please, donate today. They say it takes a village ... and if anything, I've learned that the internet is today's community. I am truly proud to be part of a community who rallies together and gives their everything to a family in distress**


Jamie said...

My thoughts are never far from Heather and Mike. Life (and laundry) seems to march on though, doesn't it?

Carolee said...

Don't worry, 1/2 of those socks will disappear before they ever make the dryer!

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