Friday, May 8, 2009

This is what happens.


So, the other day while I was cleaning up at job one, I cracked my gel nail right through the middle. Which? HURT. Also, I was worried that I might lose half my nail in the process so I promptly attached a bandaid to the fracture and went about my day.

The other day I shared with you my list of vacation "do's". Notice that nowhere did I mention spending the morning of your day off in the nail salon being tortured. And....this is what I get for not observing my own rules.

This morning I went down to have the nails removed since job two requires me to work with children and involves frequent handwashing. Oh, and because one was BROKEN. I walked in the salon, expressed my request for removal and sat STUPIFIED while a "technician" (I use this word loosely) yanked them off my fingers. For ten dollars.

Call me crazy, but I'm thinkin' I could have done this myself at home. For free. But I digress.

As I sat there, she grabbed an unused "tip" and jammed it between my fingernail and the gel overlay and ripped it across my finger. Which means? Sixteen layers of natural nail being viciously peeled off. Seriously? Technician? Aren't we supposed to be soaking and grinding? Oddly, it wasn't the broken one I needed to worry about. When she met the still secured nail on the middle finger (ironic, I know) on my right hand, instead of stopping when she met resistance, she tugged HARDER, which resulted in ALL layers of natural nail being ripped from the nail bed and dripping blood on her pretty white towel.

Blood. BLOOD. The bitch made me BLEED! AND?!?! I'm paying for this!!!

Imagine my surprise when she turned to me and asked:

"You want new nail again?"

UM. NO. But I'll take your "technician certificate" off the wall to staunch the bleeding.

Sigh. This is what I get for abandoning my ass groove. Duly noted world. Duly noted.

ps. Although I have restored this blog to white, I am still carrying Maddie in my heart. We have not forgotten. I will never.


Chibi said...

Oh no! Cheapie place in a mall, right? Don't. Ever. Go. Back. Ever.

My mom is an honest-to-ceiling cat licensed nail tech (which, BTW, last I heard they had discussed disbanding in Canada, meaning any bone head with a nail file could do nails), so I'm well versed on all things gel. The only way to remove gel nails without running the risk of permanently damaging your nail beds is to file them off. Of course, your nails will likely still be weak after removing the gels because you've had your nails covered for however long.

I knew a woman at my last job who went to one of those mall places and the dude used his DIRTY THUMB NAIL to remove her gels. *shudders*

Poppy said...

It made me very ill to my tummy, reading this. I hope your nails are ok now. And, please, don't return there.