Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun with Jester on Talkshoe Live

Greetings from the underground. It's been awhile since I ranted posted anything, so now I'll share my Jestorious experience.
Last night, in response to his call out on Twitter, I volunteered to be at the mercy of one Jestertunes. Being brand new to the blogosphere, I figured it couldn't crucify me JUST yet, and maybe, yes maybe, it could be shameless promotion for this Agent. It kinda went like this:

Jester : eloquent, astute, pointed and funny.
Agent: Canadian.
Jester: travel and politics and decapitation.
Agent: Stupid Canadian whose never been anywhere.
Jester: Knowledgeable, gossipy and forthcoming with important people to follow
Agent: Stupid Canadian whose never been anywhere and is inherently worried about how damaging that is when she isn't offering free maple syrup, Viagra or bacon...

End show. Hoser.

No, seriously, it was a lot of fun, and I thank Jester profusely for allowing me to incessantly bore those brave enough to stay with us for an hour and forty-five minutes. Also, for those of you who HAVE perused my blog since my Twitter appearance, I'm throwing you a question:

How in the hell can I make this blog remotely interesting better??


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HA HA its me Jenny

Jester said...

It was my pleasure having you on the show. Come play with us again!

I'll be following your blog in my reader now. Don't be upset if I don't comment often. I am terrible about remembering to comment!

Anissa Mayhew said...

Better? Crazy Mexican donkey shows! Google THAT one.