Monday, July 7, 2008

ARGH! October 2005

Ok, so anyone with eyes can see that I have not made an entry this week. If you would like to know why, keep reading. (Incidentally, if you would not like to know please promptly shut this window and go back to your life.)
This week has been a whirlwind of work.. and I have been barrelling through resembling a sort of Tasmanian stress ball trying to put out the forest fires. And yes, there probably was a fair amount of grunting, drooling and idiocy involved in that adventure.
This week I had the pleasure of composing my first philosophy paper in my university career. Seems daunting, especially considering that I sit in class like a slack-jawed yokel and completely misunderstand every syllable uttered in my general direction. Know what is even greater than that? Just the fact that the classes actually help me in my complete lack of understanding of the assigned readings. So to put it plainly, I am technically philosophy challenged.
Now, one may think that this would put me in a very confusing position, and wonder how exactly I was going to spew out an intelligible objection to the arguments I am light years away from understanding. At first, I tended to agree with that person. But in a marathon of eight hours I banged out the best piece of golden B.S that I have ever read! I was so smart I astounded myself. I think I may have even giggled in glee at the deliberate leading down the garden path of anyone with more time than brains that would attempt to follow it. It's great, and it's all mine!! *rubbing hands together*
Of course, I am a LITTLE worried about the truly educated prof who will attempt to read it, and subsequently scratch his head wondering how he went so wrong in his lecture.Terrible F!?! We will see!
Until then, I must study for the history midterm coming up on Monday *uncontrolled laughing* Maybe I can convince myself that I know that too!!

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