Monday, July 7, 2008

Germs! Share and Share Alike

October 13, 2005

Germs, share and share alike

Germie Germie! Yep... after much handwashing and the like I have finally managed to become infected with some form of virus (an especially mean, selective bugger). Of course, to no suprise it hit me right in the middle of my English Lit paper, the first in my university career. Why not? Is there any better time??
I am sure that someone, somewhere decided that I looked like the prime candidate for germ reception and reproduction and deliberately sneezed on the door handle of some obscure building I frequent. In my mind there is no doubt that it was well thought out, executed perfectly... germ spread in the first degree. I would like to thank that person, their germs and my body (which at the moment is in total refusal of normal activity).
What more can I say? SHARE! I WILL share this germ, nurture it... care for it... and lovingly set it free to torture another poor university first year. ENJOY!!

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