Monday, July 7, 2008

Is it quiet? Am I dead?? October, 2005

Alright. Lets see it's 8.07 pm. The house is so quiet that whispers reverberate off the walls. The television is on, although curiously no character in a purple suit is commanding me to bumbumpachump up and down like a kangaroo while three children sing background vocals. I succesfully walked from the kitchen to the computer desk and didn't manage to impale myself on a dinky car, my little pony or broken crayon. I went to the bathroom,and the toilet was actually flushed, there was not a trail of toilet paper hanging from the roll, and the little green stool was exactly where it should be. What's going on? There aren't any uneccessary lights left on, the magnets are not tossed on the floor and as far as I can see there are no socks making homes for themselves in between the couch cushions or in the hallway. Am I dead?
THE KIDS ARE GONE! A weekend to work, read, catch up, be normal...all by myself. But suddenly I am looking around and wondering, how can I think in all this quiet? I can't concentrate without the banshee stylings of Noah. No way will I be able to write my paper without Taylor interuppting me every five minutes to ask for a drink and coyly add that she loves me more than any other girl in the world.
Im alone.
...and furthermore....
No sir, I don't like it.

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