Monday, July 7, 2008

Just When I Thought 100 Reasons was Enough ~ March 2007

101. I love you because you are beautiful, not only on the outside but the inside too
102. I love the way you can turn me on with the slightest nibble to my neck.
103. I like the fact you get your hair done 3 to 4 times in a couple of months but always
look fantastical with your new look
104. I like that you like the word “Fantastical”
105. I don’t mind when you correct my spelling.
106. I like the area underneath your bra at the back in the center
107. Censored.. hey dude! It's a family show!!
108. I like the way you handle several tasks all at the same time and make it look easy
when I know it’s not
109. I love your messy hair in the morning. Lets me know we did it right.
110. I love the proud look on your face when your children make you proud
111. I get a chuckle when you pull a pan out of the oven and tell me it’s hot
112. I love the way you separate your vanilla ice cream by putting it in a cup and eating chocolate cake from a
plate so you don’t have to deal with the sogginess
113. I like the fact you don’t like soggy bread
114. I like when you and I make the same comments word for word and do the same actions at the same time to things
we joke about.
115. I love it when you smile, I always have.
116. I love your honesty
117. I love the fact you love me
118. I love the fact you do not take the idealism that “it’s all about me” you are very caring about others
119. I love the fact you put little messages in place around the apartment. “Hungry Again”
120. I like our little Corn War
121. I like the fact your family likes me as well as your friends.
122. I like listening to how your days was. I am always interested in all your adventures
123. I don’t like missing you. But I do love it when we tell each other
124. I do like our phones calls on the weekends you are away.
125. I don’t like it when we argue.
126. I like the fact we both know whats important. I need to stop sweating the small stuff
127. I like the fact my family loves you.
128. I like the fact I can be myself around you, even though sometimes I’m a little difficult.
129. I love the fact I can tell you everyday that I love you.
130. I love the idea of you being the one who inspired me to fulfill one of my ideas to drive a distance just to
bring you flowers. You are the only one I’ve ever don that for. I wouldn’t have done that for anyone else.
131. I love making you feel sexy.
132. I love to make you moan
133. I do like you couch material purse. I know you think I don’t
134. I love the fact you would rather sit beside me rather than across from me when we go out to eat.
135. I like it when the kids sit with us on the couch. It’s the greatest feeling in the world, the love is like
something I have never known.
136. I like your art work. I saw your work in your dads apartment. Its very good.
137. I like lying with you on the couch.
138. Even though we haven’t done it yet I know I will love napping with you.
139. I like calling you my girl
140. I like the card you picked out for me for valentines day
141. I like how you write your letter “A”
142. I get a kick at how competitive we get when we play connect four
143. I like the walmart experience with you. Nothing says family more than the Saturday madness at your local
144. I like that you like me.
145. I like the way I bury my face between your Cheek and shoulder when I hug you goodnight.
146. I like your fuzzy socks
147. I like Aaron Island on your bookcase.
148. I feel good about myself when I teach the kids something
149. I like that your name is Amanda
150. I love the idea that you didn’t expect these other 50 reasons today…….

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