Monday, July 7, 2008

Quiet is Over! October 2005

It's Sunday... current time 4:32 pm. Estimated time of chaos 5:45 pm. This weekend has been completely isolating, wonderfully productive and totally peacefull. And... it's over in a little over one hour.
I enjoyed it... Im not finished all the work I had planned upon, the house never got cleaned yet I feel that I wouldn't have traded these past 48 hours for anything.
In a little over one hour the television will return to psychologically tested, stamped and approved children's programming, the floor will once again be littered with random toys, crayons, ripped paper and toilet paper. I will be able to trace that toilet paper road to the bathroom where it will all be unravelled from the roll, the green stool will be upside down inside the bathtub and water droplets will decorate the sink.
Fighting will undoubtedy ensue over who's feet are touching who's, and I will again consider the idea of purchasing a couch large enough to seat the Toronto Maple Leafs, although I am sure that they will still fight about touching feet.
BUT- I miss them. I miss the sweet smell of Taylor's curls and the way my Noah's body curls up against mine when I tickle him ceaselessly. I want to hear the "I love you mom" chorus and I think I could still appreciate an interupption every three minutes for a drink requested by either one of my diabetic camels.
The quiet is over - LET THE CHAOS BEGIN!!!

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