Monday, July 7, 2008

From a Boy Who Loves A Girl - Emails from the Best Boyfriend in the World ~ March 2007

50) How you give everyone a chance
49) How hot you look in just a towel
48) your voice when you sing
47) how easy it is for this boy to love you
46) Your touch
45) Your humor
44) your cute little ears
43) your understanding
42) how nice it feels when your hand is in mine
41) Your great taste in fashion
40) Your great taste in music
39) your eye for photography
38) How you like to be organized
37) How you don't wear too much make up when you wear it
36) how You've managed to survive this long without a bread knife
35) how good you are to your children
34) the way you mix in the mustard in the butter on a sandwich....wait a minute.. no I don't! lol
33) the ideas you inspire within me for all the little ideas i get to make you something
32) the way your voice sounds on the phone
31) how cute you look in your Superhero pj's
30) How good it feels to hold you at night when I lay next to you at night
29) The fact you know a lot of music like myself
28) I love the fact you trust me with you car, home, and your kids
27) the way you like to spend money just like
26) your honesty even though sometimes its brutal but its better to be brutal sometimes
25) How you cuddle up to me in public
24) How great you smell
23) How we work together to get things done
22) your gratitude when you receive flowers
21) How Knowledgeable you are
20) The way your lips tighten up when I make you pick up 7 cards when we play crazy 8 countdown
19) The fact you mix M&M and Reese's Pieces together to eat them
18) The fact you fill up your gas tank when it 3/4 full
17) You have incredible artistic talent
16) I love the smile you get on your face when you get a new pair of Vans (lol)
15) I love how you feet look so cute in a pair of new Vans (like little loaves of bread lmao)
14) They way you sometimes call me babe, hun,
13) The look on your face of complete and utter satisfaction after you prove me wrong time and
time again
12) How beautiful and at peace you are when you sleep
11) How you can pick up a guitar and blow me away with how fast you can learn a song
10) Your beautiful hair, it compliments your beautiful face
9) How good you feel when you give me a hug goodnight
8) How you do your snare hits and drum rolls on my arm in perfect time with your favorite songs
7) Your determination
6) Your love and protection for your children
5) they way you laugh and lose control when something outrageous makes you laugh
(The Snort Factor as I call it)
4) your gorgeous green eyes
3) The way you come up behind me when I'm working on something and throw your arms
around me
2) Your children
1) I simply love you.......(I would add - more than life itself but I have the feeling someone already
holds royalty on that...lmao)

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