Monday, July 7, 2008

From a Boy Who Loves a Girl - The Sequel ~ March 2007

50 more reasons why I love you...

51. how you mix your peas in with your mashed potatoes
52. the “no me” slogan
53. Censored!! LOL... forget it! No cheap thrills for my reading audience!!
54. your loving gestures when I least expect it.
55. bringing me a coffee when I am at work
56. Love it when you scrape your nails down my back
57. your passionate turn me on kisses
58. the back of your neck
59. listening to you help the kids read
60. your generosity and caring for my mother, I am moved by the way you take care of her
61. How you cry when an elderly person is sad
62. I like it when we take on household chores together. Makes me feel like we have a
home and not just house.
63. I like how you can look smart and nerdy but sexy as hell at the same time when you
wear your glasses…I call it SPECS APPEAL
64. I am touched by the fact even though we might be involved in a heated argument
you’re still willing to take care of me. That is what’s special about your love.
65. I like conserving water with you
66. I love how cute you look with your wool hat and matching scarf
67. I like the fact you offer to help pay for things
68. I like when we do dishes together, I feel like it’s sort of a special time between a
couple, its all about doing a task that nobody likes doing but it doesn’t seem so
bad when we do it together, gives us a chance to talk about our day.
69. Love the way your ass looks in a certain pair of jeans
70. I love the way we are in the car on a road trip, how we get into music and talk about it.
71. I am so proud of you learning what have so far playing the guitar.
72. Like the fact we both want the same things on many levels. We have similar goals and
knowing we are going to do it together makes me so happy
73. I like how you are consistent with your personality when you are with me, with you your
family and friends
74. I love watching you sleep
75. I love waking up to find you and the kids sitting on the couch together
76. I die a little inside when I see you cry.
77. I love the fact you believe that a feeling is so much stronger than a thought
78. love it when you call me baby on the phone.
79. Going out for breakfast with the family.
80. I love your little feet.
81. Censored.. AGAIN!!!
82. I love the way you feel in my arms
83. I love caressing your back.
84. I like the fact you let me play with your hair
85. When you speak French it turns me on big time!
86. I like hearing you talk about me to your co-workers
87. I like giving you piggy backs around the apartment.
88. I like the way my pillow looks next to yours
89. It makes me feel loved when you send food with me for my lunch.
90. I love making you laugh
91. I like the fact you are always there to listen
92. It means everything to me that you love me for me and you accept me for who I am
93. I love your earlobes
94. I love it when we do things with the kids
95. I love your kids like they are my own
96. I like the space beside you
97. I love kissing you
98. I enjoy everything we do together
99. I am so happy that you want to marry me

100. The hundredth thing I love most about you is……………..

There a million other reason why I love you.

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