Monday, July 7, 2008

The Sun is Shining.. the SUN IS SHINING!! October 2005

The gray pallor of death is lifting!
I have always argued that fall is the most beautiful season. The beautiful colours make me feel vibrant.. happy and alive! The subtle change in the weather takes us from the stifling heat of the summer to a cooler, crisper wind - the kind that puts rosiness in your cheeks, put a sweater on over your jeans and clutch the one you love closer to you. The mood is almost always happy, the wind whipping your hair around your face and carrying your laugh on it's tail.
On closer inspection though, it would seem that this season is merely the transitional period before the death of all that is beautiful. Winter grasps the land in it's clutches, killing all that is vibrant and offerring it's own "fools gold". A crystal white blanket of snow that buries all the destruction it causes. Fall is just the "golden years" of that beauty. Th is is most obvious in weeks like the last, where the sun doesn't shine, the wind bites into you and makes you button up your jacket. The rain continues to drown all the hopes of beauty and the grayness seeps into your bones, into your thoughts and throws a wet blanket on your dreams.
BUT - this morning - the sun is shining! Stand in it, feel the warmth of life as it thaws your skin, your outlook...see the colours in the trees come alive and shake shadow patterns on the walls of life. See the dying gasp of summer and forget the winter.
Fall has arrived!!! Maybe.. university is getting to me...

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